Time to Eat! First Foods



Getting ready for another big transition – food!

Frodo will be six months old soon (how?!?), which means we get to play with purees.

Aw, who am I kidding? A few weeks ago, he very clearly communicated that he wanted a bite of my banana. And by clearly communicated, I mean I almost lost a finger.

He’s the third baby so the rules have this flexible quality about them that they didn’t have earlier in my parenting career. And by flexible, I mean I’ve been spoon-feeding him a few times a week for about a month now. Rules, shmules. I think my middle skipped purees altogether and went right to steak. I’m exaggerating, but I do remember she shunned the spoon and wanted to chew pieces of food that she picked up herself.

Forget I snuck him a spoonful here and there. According to AAP guidelines, he’s officially ready for num nums. That’s the technical term. I think it’s in their pamphlet.

We don’t use the baby cereals because of constipation, talk of arsenic content particularly in rice cereal, and cereals are pretty much empty calories. So, first foods around here are bananas. We do that for two weeks or so, then we try avocado, then sweet potato. After that, I have to refer to my handy charts in my go-to homemade baby food books, Super Baby Food (except the tofu – we don’t do soy) and So Easy Baby Food.

I could elaborate on the minutiae of my blender and ice cube trays and whatnot, but I have to cut this short. The little dude has a stuffy nose and I’m letting him sleep on me so he’s somewhat upright. Also, because my screen may or may not be getting blurry…because there may or may not be tears…his babyhood is going so fast.

If you need me, I’ll be crying into my mug cake.



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4 thoughts on “Time to Eat! First Foods

    1. It’s my 3rd time to the circus, so I feel entitled to do things my way. For better or worse :/ Hopefully for better!

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