The Clean Program and Food Sensitivities


Meet The Mister.

Cute, isn’t he?

He’s doing dishes here, which makes him that much hotter.

I clubbed him over the head and made him marry me.

I’m going to tell a little story about The Mister.

Actually, I’m going to overshare a bit.

He said I could.

That photo up there? That’s him now. Once I find a good picture of him about a year and a half ago, I’ll post it.

Here’s the story. He has had tummy troubles for almost three decades. As in, he would hurriedly grab a book and retreat to his office, the bathroom, after every meal.

Do you have any idea how much reading this guy did? (Still does, though at his leisure, not when circumstances call for it.)

In B.C. times (before Courtney), he was just told that that’s the way it’s going to be, because a couple of family members went through the same thing. He eventually went to the doctor and a specialist about his issues.

He had some tests done, and remembers the gastrointerologist telling him he had parasites. The doc gave him a prescription to kill them off.

When those didn’t work, he went back and recalls having the same tests done again. He was given the go-to, catch-all diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and prescribed something for that. He didn’t fill it, realizing that the doctor had no intention of helping him, and that he would just keep ordering tests and sending bills.

Fast-forward 10 years or so.

Mister takes an office job with long hours, and starts showing the health consequences of sitting too much – weight gain, joint trouble and low energy, on top of his general intolerance of food.

Wanting to enter his 30s at his best and generally feel better than he had been, he comes across dietary cleanses.

Now, cleansing gets a bad rap. You come across a lot of liquid diets of strange concoctions (cayenne pepper lemonade, anyone?) that shift your metabolism into starvation mode for as long as you’re willing to do it.



This one was different. What Mister did was the Clean program, designed by Alejandro Junger, MD. It’s 21 days of eliminating foods that humans are commonly allergic to or have sensitivities to. Once all the potentially irritating foods have been away from your system for a while, you re-introduce them into your diet one at a time, watching carefully for reactions – things like digestive upset, rashes, acne, sluggishness – things that physicians almost never attribute to food intolerances.

There’s more to the science behind the program – time between meals, giving your organs a break, some juicing and blending, re-populating helpful bacteria in your gut, etc. But discovering the food sensitivities were a big deal for the Mister, so that’s what I’ll focus on here.

The idea is that allergic reactions and inflammation responses are often too mild to notice. Or, if you do notice them, you mistake them for something else. That is, until they’ve been out of your system for a while. The re-introduction process isolates the problem foods and makes the reactions noticeable.

The discoveries: he has issues with egg, dairy and gluten.

I had to pretty much re-learn how to cook. We’re now pasta-less, cheese-less Italians. I can just hear Nana saying, whasamaddayou?

It was a process to get out of the habit of eating these things, but they’re pretty much gone. He lost 30 lbs, he doesn’t have the aches and pains he used to, and he’s on a regular…er…reading schedule.

You get this privileged information when you’re married…

Have you ever watched YouTube videos of those guys with super healthy lifestyles? We joke around that they have the crazy eyes – this energetic positivity that almost looks fake. After a few months of avoiding egg, dairy and gluten, I told Craig that he’s starting to get the crazy eyes.

He told me that was the best compliment I could have given, and makes his efforts worth it.

Bonus for me: my post-baby hormonal skin issues are gone. I think it was the dairy.


This is a true story, not at all a sponsored post. Nobody affiliated with the Clean Program knows who I am. If you want to give it a try, you can use the affiliate link above to get the book, or you can get all of the information you need from the program’s website.


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3 thoughts on “The Clean Program and Food Sensitivities

  1. We know who you are now Courtney! Such a sweet and authentic post. . . and an adorable photo, you’re right, he IS cute 😉
    And definitely glowing. . . love hearing stories like this!
    Let us know how things continue. . . feel free to email any of us anytime or my email is . . after such a great and glowing testimonial, we totally want to know how things continue for you both- reading habits and all – haha. . . trust us, we’re very familiar with those changes!

    Hug hugs and thanks for sharing the love!

    Rock on,
    Jenny (Clean Wellness Coach)

  2. I’ve passed this post along to my hubby :) He originally thought he was reacting to eggs, now he suspects gluten. I keep telling him to try it, but since he knows Craig in person, this might convince him to give it a shot.

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