(c) Project Courtney - all rights reserved

(c) Project Courtney – all rights reserved

I don’t like to get preachy, but I’m giving myself a pass today.

I’ve come across a number of posts today giving advice on how to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving.

Drink hot tea.

Eat a raw apple.

Fill up on water.

Skip the breads.

Pass on dessert.


I get it – nobody wants to pack on holiday pounds. But loosening your belt buckle after one meal isn’t going make or break your fitness goals. If you’re concerned about how much or what you’re eating on this one day, for one meal, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re eating proper amounts of whole, nourishing foods every day of your life, overeating at Thanksgiving doesn’t matter.

If you’re eating like it’s Thanksgiving every day of your life, then overeating at Thanksgiving still doesn’t matter.

One meal isn’t going to make a difference. You’re fit because you make healthy choices every day. Or, you’re not fit because you make unhealthy choices every day. Barring any body imbalances, it’s not much more complicated than that.

Thanksgiving is a feast of thanks, emphasis on feast. It is a day to be mindful of the bounties you’ve been blessed with, and to enjoy them. It’s a day of sharing and joy. Restriction doesn’t really fit into the program.

When it’s time to celebrate, then by all means, celebrate! When it’s not, don’t pile your plate like it is.

This Thanksgiving, do me a favor. Observe Thanksgiving as it was meant to be celebrated. Be alive. Partake, and be thankful.

Afterwards, you can go back to being reasonable.




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4 Responses to Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving (The Real Way)

  1. I totally appreciated this!!…I mean its so true, the problem is if you HOST Thanksgiving and there is all of that leftover food! I rather fancy not hosting it anymore that way it can be one meal! And this posts also reminds me to jump to the task of being a little fit every day so that I can enjoy the times when we get to celebrate!
    Sharelle D. Lowery recently posted…Pucker Up Pumpkin Nog Smoothie Recipe #SmoovemberMy Profile

  2. Nina says:

    Yes! People should totally celebrate and give themselves a pass during special occasions. They’re special, and occasion, after all! This is the same reason why I don’t believe in diets as a sustainable way to keep weight down. It has to be a lifestyle. So, you can have that brownie, but eat it and savor it, and treat it like a treat, not a daily food. I think when we eat mindlessly, even during Thanksgiving but of course every other day, is when we pack on the pounds.

    I’ll be enjoying my turkey and cranberry upside cake in three days :)
    Nina recently posted…How to cope with a baby’s separation anxietyMy Profile

  3. Carrie says:

    Amen! I love this post. I eat very sensibly on a daily basis, but you can bet your life I am going to eat whatever I want on Thanksgiving. Yes, I will feel like crap afterward and probably take a nap, but then I’ll be right back to my healthy habits. You are right, one meal will not make or break you either way.
    Carrie recently posted…frustrationMy Profile

  4. Kim says:

    Amen! I’ve been overeating lately anyway but I fully intend to simply enjoy the day even if it does mean another day of stuffing my face. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed thank ya much. LOL. Now, pass me the pie. =)
    Kim recently posted…Coffee, Tater Tots and Writing. What the?!My Profile

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