motivation to exercise

Start Now

Moms, we all know we need our friends who are going through the same thing we’re going through. We also need our friends who will give us the heads up as to what’s coming next. There is a group of us who try to plan a dinner out once a month. Now that our kids […]

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mindfulness for kids

Let Today Happen

I’m spoiled. I can drop my big kid off at summer camp and not worry one bit, because my friends run it. Okay, I’m busted, it was just day camp. He hasn’t done overnight camp yet, and I would probably be an absolute wreck if I dropped him off, hugged him, and said, “see you […]

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Post-rain Hike

Hiking After Rain

We camped over the Fourth weekend, and it was the wettest, muddiest camping trip in the history of camping trips, I think. After having perpetually wet feet for 48 hours or so, I went out to get myself some cheap boots. I kind of love them – they bring a little cheer to cloudy, muddy […]

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overnight oatmeal

The Oatmeal Overhaul

Fact: some people say they don’t like oatmeal. I’m beginning to think people who don’t like oatmeal have been microwaving packets their whole lives. (I can understand that. I don’t like over-sugared slop either.) But okay, let’s assume they’re talking about the real stuff. How can a blanket statement like that work when there are […]

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