Do We Want More Kids?

It’s a frequent question after one’s third is nine months shy of the age his older sibling was when he was born. I would guess it’s even more frequent here among the cornfields, where there’s not much else to do except circle the Duck Duck Goose ring for the thousandth time. Families are big here. […]

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Oh, this winter…

“Do you have a creative outlet?” she asked me. Another mom at our homeschool co-op happens to have a boy-girl-boy set with the same spacing as my kids. We were sitting the nursery, sharing the overwhelm of our day-to-day, and came to the consensus that this stage of life is a lot. For a few months, […]

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hygge happiness

A Warm Winter Hygge

No, not “higgie.” It’s pronounced HYU-gah. Now read the title again. See what I did right there? That’s what you call wordsmithin’. I first leaned about the Danish concept of Hygge in the book Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way. Though its difficult to translate, Hygge sounds like something we need here in this […]

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